Monday, November 7, 2011


You've picked the perfect dress dress, locked in your dream location, and have even broken the news to your fiance that there will be NO beer bonging at the reception.  And even though he sometimes mistakes the bedroom floor for the clothes hamper you love him, and need to pick out the perfect ring for your soon to be hubby.  Well, I'm here to help make that decision even easier with a collection of mens weddings bands that I find the perfect mix of originality and masculine.  
 Starting with the Woody ring by St. Kilda.  Your crafty stud would be proud to be seen on the job site sporting this ring.

St. Kilda's Men's Loved ring is such a special way to incorporate how you feel about him in a way only he can see.  

 This Thoothed Band by Claire Kinder is just fierce enough for your guy.  It kind of reminds me of a bottle cap, don't ya think?

 This is the perfectly imperfect ring for your perfectly imperfect guy.  This Concaved Ring is by Satomi Kawakita.

Is your man a bad boy or just super slick?  Than St. Kilda's Endless Love ring is the one for him.



  1. These are all gorgeous! I would love to have the matching female version of these rings!


  2. Great post! Call me crazy but I just don't like mens wedding bands! I just don't like how thick and clunky they all look and thankfully, my husband isn't a ring wearer so it's okay! I know it seems terrible to not wear wedding rings but we're just not ring people! Thanks for the great blog!

  3. Thanks to give these type of information

  4. Awwww, man! I wish I would have seen this a year ago before I got married. These bands suite my husbands style much more than the boring one we settled on at the last minute. Your blog is great and I love the jewelry concept. I am now a new follower!

  5. My husband was thinking about getting a very homemade, custom ring, but decided to get something durable since he wanted his wedding band to last a long long time. He decided to go with a tungsten wedding band and was sad to see that he couldn't get it customized into a specific design, but later found a design he liked at Tungsten World. I think the risk you take when getting a gold or silver ring is that they are very easy to scratch, where as tungsten is scratch proof.

  6. We absolutely adore the scope of design that is open to us for creating mens wedding rings and they are a bit part of our business, as they haven't been as commonplace until recent years it means there is so much possibility in terms of styles and shapes that can still be explored and we love that. The ring choices you've selected just highlight how true it is - thank you for sharing such a great post!

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