Monday, October 3, 2011


Oh Italy, how I love you!  The boys, the beaches, the wine, the art, the boys ;)  Another thing that I love about Italy is the jewelry team of Iosselliani. This jewelry line is made up of designers Roberta Paolucci and Paolo Giacomelli in Rome, Italy and thank God they came together because what they make is pure magic.  Their beautiful jewelry is influenced by Italian classic jewelry but in a way that is so new and modern.  The way that they fuse styles is dramatic and perfectly mismatched.  Now I just have to take a trip over there to find an Italian guy to give me one of those rings!


  1. Those rings!! I want! I want!!!

  2. So pretty i love the pieces all of them!!

  3. I'm obsessed with Iosselliani! I waited waaay too long to buy the snake ring pendant necklace and I think it's gone forever. I need to save up my money for the melded faux engagement ring. Which I will wear with my Noir dinosaur bones gold bracelet if it ever comes back in stock.

  4. I hear ya!! You'll have to send me pictures of your jewelry when you get it!



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