Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have recently partnered with Allie Pohl, creator of the Ideal Woman Necklace, and I'm so excited to be a part of not only the jewelry company but the movement.

"Ideal Woman: Necklace reflects Allie Pohl's
belief that society is obsessed with the image of “the perfect woman.” The necklace demonstrates our culture’s desire to emulate a look that seems naturally impossible to attain. Her artistic objective is to critique cultural trends that she finds impractical or destructive to the female form. Pohl strives to express the absurdities, conflicts and hypocrisies society presents about “ideal” women.
This iconic necklace is more than just a pendant; when worn it is a catalyst for instigating new ideas, conversation  and change. She has created a virtual space,, where you can share your comments or reactions that you have received while wearing this necklace. She hopes you enjoy wearing the Ideal Woman: Necklace!"
Above and below are two fabulous friends of mine sporting an Ideal Woman necklace.  Both have blogs of their own you should definitely check out.

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