Sunday, April 3, 2011


I was told by more than one friend this past weekend that I am a hand talker, so wearing bracelets certainly does not go unnoticed on me.  Like rings I love to pile on bracelets.  Who are we kidding I love to pile on every kind of jewelry all at once, but if you are not a jewelry junky like myself but are looking to start to make a statement with some jewelry  I think bracelets is a good starting off point.  Bracelets aren't worn close to the face so to a jewelry novice they don't seem overwhelming.

 Mixing metals is easily done on your wrists.  Like I said with rings as soon as you put 3 or more bracelets together no matter what color metal they are, they instantly "go" together.  A really easy way to start to mix metals in a delicate way is to pair a simple small gold bracelet with a silver watch.  It's that simple!  Give it a try, and like I always say jewelry is suppose to be fun, so go play!


  1. I am so jealous of your bracelet collection. Are the bottom shots both you? Because I want those bracelet stacks.

  2. No the bottom photos aren't me but I'll post some wrist shots of my own soon!