Friday, June 24, 2011


A great way to play with your jewelry is to mix it up and wear all different colors of metals all at once.  The days of wearing matchy matchy jewelry are thankfully over!  Jewelry should coordinate but not necessarily match.  Once you see them worn all together they instantly "go" together.  Go ahead and take that gold ring and pile it on with your 2 silver ones.  If you are a little nervous on where to start here are a few tips to think of when choosing what works with what.

Your choices should look deliberate.  So an idea is to take 1 silver and 1 gold ring and wear them on the same finger.  I usually follow the rule that things look better in odd numbers so if you are going to wear 2 rings on one finger throw a third ring on another finger on the same hand to really make a deliberate statement.  If mixing stone color and metal color is a bit too daring for you, stick with one stone, say diamonds, but mix it up with the different color bands like Rihanna did pictured here. Remember that variety is the spice of life, so go express that through your rings, and have fun doing it!

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