Thursday, July 1, 2010



 My love for cemeteries began when I moved to Savannah, Ga where I lived blocks away from an old civil war cemetery right in the middle of town.  I began to take walks through the beautiful old cemetery and look at the grave stones and dream of the lives the solders buried there must have had.  I was so intrigued I started to seek out other old cemeteries in town, and Bonaventure Cemetery is what I discovered next which is still my favorite place to take a stroll when I visit Savannah.  It has the most beautiful view of the water ways as well as the most magnificent live oaks I have ever seen.   I highly recommend seeing it for yourself if you ever are lucky enough to visit Savannah.  I now look for old cemeteries in pretty much every city I visit.  I would say my top three I have seen so far would be Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA, Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA, and finally The Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, LA. 

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