Thursday, September 22, 2011


I can’t think of a more personal or public expression than what we wear on our bodies and jewelry is no exception.  Jewelry can mean so much more than just something pretty to put over that pink ruffled  dress.  A ring past down from your Grandmother or a brooch you picked up from your first trip to Italy can have so much meaning.  Every time it’s worn it’s a reminder of that special person or place.  Sometimes the problem with this is that the piece of jewelry is outdated and doesn’t really gel with your current style.  My solution to this problem is to make something new out of the old pieces.  For example the necklace pictured here incorporated 2 pieces I hold near and dear to my heart.  You wouldn’t know by looking at it but this necklace is about my Grandparents. I took my Grandfathers old Marine pin and an old chandelier crystal from my Grandmothers house and created a necklace out of them.  I would never otherwise wear these special heirlooms but since I worked them into a fashionable necklace I get to proudly display these mementos all the time.  It’s a really unique way to make a positive statement with your outfit.  So, I encourage you to take a second look at those important yet outdated pieces and incorporate them into something new to wear.


  1. that's really cool! i love your necklace!


  2. This is really touching! and it looks wonderful. Great idea! JS xxx